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Turkish music

Turkish music
After western music, the world’s most common music system is Turkish music. Spreading into three continents such as Asia, Africa and Europe, Turks spread national music from Central Asia, replacing Iranian and Arab music in Turkish music in the Near East. The works of Turkish music are mostly spoken by mouth, spoken, so numerous works have disappeared. However, it is also known that the Turks use at least 9 note systems.

However, very few works have been recorded with these note systems. Almost until the beginning of the 20th century, the procedure of learning Turkish music continued, generally not taking notes. Turkish music that has been forgotten since the 15th century has been revived in the 20th century. Rauf Yekta, Suphi Ezgi, Salih Murat Uzdikle, Hüseyin Sadettin Arel and Yılmaz Öztuna have determined the scientific foundations of Turkish music.

Peaceful music, which benefits people from various care, has a common language feature among people. Through music, various feelings can be expressed. However, in order to understand a musical piece properly, it is necessary to study a good music. The first music education is with listening. Keeping good works and listening is the first step in music education. Later, trying to sing, learning to play a reed is a step forward in music education.

Nowadays, music has started to be utilized in business life and in medicine. On the other hand, the anthems have been of great importance since the days of being a musical work that motivated the feelings of heroism of the nations. The Turkish military music called “Mehter” had an extraordinary importance among the Turks. The music of these Abbasids was adopted by this music, and the Ottomans passed through Seljuks.

Turkish folk music has existed since Milat ‘s earlier centuries. Just like other nations are in the folk music, the works are directly produced by the people in the folk music of Turkey, and the composers are not certain. In Turkish music, the melody is assigned according to the subject and melody is the most important melody. Turkish folk music, a lyrical music, has social characteristics. Compilations of Turkish folk music began only after the republic was declared.

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