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Music recording

Music recording
At the beginning of the most important topics of music is the recording of a piece of music. Musical pieces are recorded with notes today. Beginning to use the notation is quite new. Until the 11th century, there was no such thing as a note, some reminder line and signs were trying to record music pieces. Certainly, it was very inadequate. In this respect, music works were only spreading from the ear to the ear by hearing.

In the 11th century, an Italian named Guido noted that the first voices of the six maison of a Divine One were in separate tones. These first voices were Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La. If the tones of Guido voices are kept in mind, the voices will not be forgotten if the syllabus is edited elsewhere. Thus 6 tonnes were detected. Later, ut was called «do», after La, «si» was added. Thus, «gam» which was used today and collected in 7 main tones came to the scene.

The notes are written on 5 rows of lines called porte. A note can be written on top of and between the lines of the porte, as well as lines added to the bottom and top of a portrait. Each port is preceded by a sign. This sign, called “key”, is used to indicate the position of the note. There are three main types of keys in music, the “left”, “fa”, “re” switches. It is the most used left switch. Only left key is used in Turkish music.

In addition to a note in the porte line, special signs such as «sharp», «flat», «natural», «es» can be placed. They tell you to change the tones of the sounds and pause. We see vertical lines on the porte line. These are the measurement lines. The scale of the note on hand is written next to the key. The lines divide the notes according to the measure.

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