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Music features

Music features
Music basically consists of four main elements:

1. Dignity
2. Density
3. Time
4. Tune

What is Porte?
five lines of equal spacing written on the bases, and a porte (string) consisting of four spaces. The lines are counted from the bottom up. In the sixteenth century, the Italian priest Guido d’Arrezo mused the notes of the notes, which consisted of colored porte dashes, as well as the first syllables of each line of a hymn, to facilitate the reading of the notes.

What’s the note?
It is said to show the height of the sounds (thinness and thickness) and their duration. On the porte, each note is written in different places (on a line or on a line) and in different forms. Each note is also shown in letters.

What is the left key?
It is the key that starts from the 2nd line of the porten and gives the name of this line,

What is the Fa key?
There are two types of portals starting from lines 3 and 4. Used to show bold sounds. The line between the two points of the key belongs to the FA voice. Other notes are named accordingly. The piano’s left handed compartments and counter and cello parts are written on the Key of Fa.

What is a key?
There are four types to be written starting from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines of the port. The line DO in the middle of the key combination is written. Other notes are named accordingly.

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